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Noemi Tarr

CouchSurfing – Noemi Tarr
Finally I couldn’t host him, he didn’t have much free time, but the late lunch was in good company. He is polite and talkative. We were talking about everything(religion, history, relationship) very openly. I regret we couldn’t spend more more time together during the weekend.

Levent Saniturk

CouchSurfing – Levent Saniturk
Hüseyin is a nice guy. He is a good friend and colleague. He loves to travel, experience new stuff which i like most about him. He loves tech toys as much as he loves to communicate with people =) cheers man!

Timur Pielesiak

CouchSurfing – Timur Pielesiak
Happy and easy going person ! It was nice to meet you Huseyin!

Benjamin Hanes

CouchSurfing – Benjamin Hanes
We surfed together in Dubai. Huseyin was very kind and was a great person to stay with.

Ismail Hosh

CouchSurfing – Ismail Hosh
I have known Huseyin since high school. He is a true friend with a big heart. Huseyin just loves traveling and he has an eternal passion to make new friends. No doubt that he will be an excellent host and guest.

Percin Imrek

CouchSurfing – Percin Imrek
Huseyin is a nice, polite and an interesting guy that you can have interesting conversations with. He would be a good guest, as well as a great host.

Natalia Polovko

CouchSurfing – Natalia Polovko
Huseyin is great guy ! We met him in Istanbul not for long time, but he helped us too much. He was waiting for us in airport and brought us quickly to home at night. We had very good conversation, he is so kind and polite. Thank U, Huseyin